7 Types of Pants Every Woman Must Own

It’s not news that pants are one of the mandatory fashion staples that complete your wardrobe. However, over the time and age, pants have evolved into various different styles, giving us women an endless opportunity to a bunch of fun fashion statements.

While in olden eras pants were considered taboo, in the modern world it’s a core piece of clothing for all kinds of occasions. One of the greatest benefits of owning different kinds of pants is the possibility to play mix and match with several other wardrobe pieces. Here are some of the must have pants for all you women out there!


Be it skinny jeans, ripped jeans, wide legged jeans or any other kind, it’s one of the most widely worn pants worldwide. It gives you an endless styling option as it goes with absolutely anything and everything. The right pair of jeans is comfortable and a definitely worthy investment.

Dress Pants

This is also known as suit trousers that are often made with expensive materials. Formal, semi-formal or casual pants for women can help make a great statement, especially at work. You could throw it on with a blazer to give it a much more formal look.

Bell Bottoms

As a recurring style in the fashion industry, you can never go wrong with owning a pair of bell bottoms. It’s a timeless beauty. These are pants that are fit from waist to thighs and are flared from knee downwards and can be styled to dress up or dress down with minimalism. 


Although considered as a type of pants, overalls – also commonly known as jumpsuit – is a one-piece suit that has a bodice attached from to it from waist up. They come on various materials, including denim and can be found either plain or printed. Overalls can be worn and accessorized accordingly no matter what the occasion. 


No wardrobe is complete without a comfy set of sweatpants. Be it for exercising, simply lounging at home or even dressing it up with a hoodie or crop top for casual wear, owning a pair of sweatpants can be a go-to benefit. They’re also an ideal choice of pant wear to keep you warm in winter.

Cargo Pants

The pockets alone present in cargo pants are funky and beneficial especially during errand runs when you don’t have to carry a handbag to fit all your small essentials like money, keys, etc. Not just handy, but also extremely stylish when paired up with the right top.


Although fitting, leggings is one of the most comfortable pair of pants a girl could own. Not to mention it goes with almost anything from crop tops to t-shirts to even long tops. They’re incredibly flexible and therefore are used for sports purposes too.

Although there are so many more other pants available such as harem pants, baggy pants, tights, etc, the above seven are some of the much-needed ones in every girl’s life for all kind of day-to-day purposes.

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