Roof windows are also called skylights and they are a popular addition to buildings. This will increase natural light into the interior and also improve ventilation.

You can flood

An interior space with natural light with the installation of Velux roof windows. Roof windows are able to distribute light evenly throughout the room compared to traditional windows. This can help create a bright and welcoming space. You can significantly reduce the use of artificial lighting during the day thanks to roof windows. By bringing in natural light, it can improve productivity in the space and boost the mood of the occupants. Better ventilation can be maintained with roof windows.

You can open the window so that warm air can escape up while cool air will be brought indoors through lower openings or traditional windows. This will create a natural airflow in the building facilitating passive ventilation. This is a great way to regulate the indoor temperature and improve air quality. You will not need to rely on mechanical cooling and ventilation in this situation. When airflow is improved inside the building, some of the common issues such as build-up of moisture and condensation can be prevented.

Energy efficiency of the building

Can also be improved with roof windows as natural light will be used during the day, decreasing the use of artificial lighting. This is a great way to reduce electricity consumption. And it is also easier to regulate the temperature inside as sufficient ventilation will be ensured by the roof windows. Your utility costs will go down and this can be seen as an environmentally conscious decision as well. You can use roof windows in many settings such as offices, residences, commercial spaces etc.

In addition to improving energy efficiency of the building, roof windows will also contribute to the aesthetic appeal. You will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding environment through the roof windows. You can have a deeper connection with nature and enjoy these views and how the changing lights alters it throughout the day. There is a sense of openness created by the roof windows and it also adds to the spaciousness of the building so that the overall working or living experience is enhanced.

If your building has limited space to install traditional windows, you can use roof windows

This can be used in lofts, attics and rooms that have vaulted ceilings. This allows you to maximise the available space and it improves the functionality of the room. You can use this in home offices, recreational spaces, living areas etc. to optimise the layout. This is a versatile addition to a building and it can also improve security and privacy. This is because they are located high on the roof so that people cannot see into the building or intrude. There are also many advanced security features for roof windows such as secure locking systems, integrated sensors and secure locking mechanisms. This will help make residential and commercial buildings more secure.

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