Benefits of Using a Glass Coffee Mug

Coffee is a popular drink in many parts of the world and there are so many coffee shops that are open in the morning to provide for this habit. Most shops provide single use disposable cups that are said to be recyclable but actually, the plastic lining in the paper cup contradicts this. There are many alternatives that you can consider in this case.

One reusable option for coffee mugs is the use of glass. They are eco-friendly and they are a zero waste option. However, they are not very good at portability as they are quite fragile. But you can use glass mugs that come with lids as well as an outer cosy that cushions it from most falls. The main reason to use glass coffee mugs is that you can reuse them. There is a lot of waste when considering what is contributed by single use coffee cups. There is a large chunk of the population that drinks coffee and people drink this beverage throughout the day. So the number of single use cups that you use in one day can be more than one. And this will add up over the year as well. This is why it is so important to use a reusable cup for a beverage that we consume a lot. And it doesn’t even have to be coffee. You can be a tea drinker or you could be drinking any other beverage such as juice or energy drinks.

Glass mugs will not degrade and they are very durable. You don’t need to worry about throwing out a glass mug because they are very versatile and have many applications. It is a great gift idea to give to a coffee fanatic. Glass can be manufactured with a small carbon footprint. This can be further reduced when recycled glass is used as the raw material. Glass can be recycled completely. If your glass mug breaks or there is a chip, you can safely send it for recycling and it can be made into a whole variety of glass items. Glass is also a beautiful material and there can be so many design that you can get with it. There is coloured and clear glass. You will be able to create a beautiful beverage by decorating the glass. And colourful beverages look great in glass mugs. There is a sleek aesthetic to glass that no other material can replicate.

There are some materials that can impart or change the flavour of the beverage that is poured onto it. One example is stainless steel cups that have been used for some time causing the top finish of the material to wear out and add a metallic taste to coffee or any beverage that you are drinking.

Glass will not impart any flavour to your coffee and you can taste pure coffee every morning and whenever you want. Plastic and paper can also affect the taste of coffee. You can use double walled mugs to ensure that the heat of your coffee doesn’t dissipate quickly. When considering your health, glass mugs are the better option as it doesn’t leach any toxins into the beverage. For example, plastic can leach into the beverage and can be harmful to the body.

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