Find Your Personal Fashion Style with These Tips

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to fashion. This is why we feel good in certain outfits and not so good in others. The way to look good and confident is not to copy your favourite model or actor, but to build your own style. Take a look at the tips below to see how you can find your own fashion style.

What Do You Already Own?

Take a look at what is already in your closet. What are the pieces of clothing that you wear frequently? Those are the ones you feel the best in. if you have something that you bought ages ago but didn’t feel like going out in every time you try it out, this means it is simply not your style. Also, stand in front of a mirror and try out a few pieces. Check out what feels the best on you. Try matching several pieces together to find what style makes you feel good.

Look to Your Inspiration

We know the key to finding your style is not copying. But it is by looking up for inspiration. You can browse several magazines, look up Instagram pages, checkout some good YouTube videos that talks about fashion tips. There are multiple blogs and vlogs that give fashion tips. Looking through those you can find out what are the things you look. What patterns you prefer, what are the colours you like the best. The kind of jewellery and shoes and other accessories you like also help to determine your style.


Take out a few pieces of clothes from your wardrobe. Try them on by matching various tops with jeans, trousers or skirts. Put on your favourite dress; slip it on, wear it like a pinafore or even tuck it inside a loose pair of jeans. Look at yourself in the mirror and decide what looks good on you. You can even match these outfits with shoes you own.

Try out different earrings or necklaces with each outfit. Hold a small handbag or a purse next to the outfit and see if you like it. Experimenting always helps you figure out how to put outfit together; one that makes you feel beautiful when you look in the mirror.

Take a Shopping Trip

If you have some extra time in your hand, or if you are planning to have a weekend for yourself, take a shopping trip to some of your local stores. Don’t make this a regular shopping trip. Instead, take some extra time to check out the collection they have.

Even the types of clothes you never bought. Try checking out stores you never stepped in before. Try on the clothes.  Check out a few online sites. Find out about their unique products. For example, try reading about venom Emilio and other similar stores to find more inspiration.

There are many fashion styles out there. You don’t have to stick to one of these alone. Instead, you can create your own style by bringing together pieces you like.

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