How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Outfit?

An outfit is not put together just with the clothing you choose. It is also about wearing the right jewellery, matching and complementing the shades and the patterns and wearing the right leather. This is why it is necessary to put a little bit of thought into your every outfits, even everyday ones, before you leave the house. Take a look at following tips to see what you need to remember when choosing the right accessory.

Never Overdo It

One of the things you need to remember when choosing your jewellery is to not overdo it. This means you have to keep what you wear to a minimum. If you are wearing a statement necklace, then keep the rest of the pieces smaller and simple. Do not try out more than one or two large bangles or bracelets at once.

While mixing gold and silver together is now considered ok, make sure you don’t wear your metals or the colours in a way that clash and do not complement. If you prefer to wear small jewellery, then use a full set. Keep it simple but classy. Trouble finding pieces that match your taste? Check out SusanShaw accessories to find a unique collection that you can choose from.

Handbags and Shoes

In an outfit, the handbag and shoes should not just match the clothes you are wearing. They should also match each other. However, now we are past the times we thought that they both have to be the same colour.

So, if you are wearing red shoes, you do not have to worry yourself trying to find a red bag. Instead of the same shade, try to go for matching shades. So, if you are wearing brown shoes, a beige handbag is completely fine. But if you are choosing bright colours instead of neutral colours then contrasting colours are better to tone down your colour palette, for example, if you are wearing a pair of red shoes, carry a bag that is not equally bright but more neutral.

Choose the Right Rings

Unlike bracelets, necklaces and earrings, rings are something that you can go a little bit of extra with. So wearing a few different rings will not be as a bad as wearing a statement necklace with statement earrings. However, not everyone can pull off large rings.

The ring size mostly depend on the shape of your fingers. If you have thick fingers, it is better to stick to smaller rings. Thin, small rings can give your fingers a fine, longer look. If you have thin fingers, one or two thick rings will be fine. But once again, remember not to overdo with large rings.

Clothes or Jewellery?

In an outfit, what do you want to highlight more? Is it your clothes? Or is the jewellery you are wearing? For example, combining a blouse or a dress with a detailed collar or a neckline with a large necklace can clash your looks.

Instead, choose a blouse or a dress with a simple neckline to match with a statement necklace. The same goes for earrings. Large collars and frills will only look good with minimalist earrings while simpler collars can look better with larger earrings. So, when you pick your outfit, think what aspect of it you want to highlight more. Is it your clothes? Or your jewellery?

The outfit you decide is what will give a first impression about you to people who see you. So make sure that you are dressed to impress!

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