How to Make Your OOTDs Stand Out?

OOTD stands for outfit of the day and if we are taking the time to dress up every day, we sure do want our OOTDs to stand out. Choosing our outfit for the day is an expression of our personality and making our wardrobe uniquely ours would ensure our OOTDs would stand out.

In order to make your OTDs stand out and to make your wardrove uniquely yours, follow the below tips and tricks.

Have A Personal Style

When you have a personal style, it would be easy for you to dress up in the morning and to choose which clothes to buy. When you have your own personal style, you would have your favourite store because the selection cates to your style.

If you do not yet have a personal style, think of adjectives that people use to describe you. Do they describe you as someone bubbly? Someone fun? Sophisticated and classy? A badass? Channel these words into the clothes you buy and you would have your own personal style.

Have A Signature Color

As additional to having your personal style, have a signature colour as well. This does not mean though that you would only wear clothes on this colour. You could have your signature colour as jewellery, or belt, handbag, scarves or shoes. The colour must look good on you and must reflect your personality or a colour that makes you feel good whenever you see them or wear them.

Add Accessories

Accessories could complete your look and make your OOTD unique. It could also be another way for you to express your own personal style. If your personal style is preppy, use headbands with big bows and wear coloured stockings.

If your personal style is edgy, wear boots with spikes and leather jackets with studs. And if your personal style is sophisticated and classy, raid your mother or grandmother’s jewellery box and “borrow” their pearls. Shop for accessories at and you would be treated to unique accessories that would complement your OOTD.

Copy Your Inspirations

When you have a fashion icon that you like, try and copy their style every time you plan your outfit of the day but make the outfit your own by injecting your own personality. Say, your fashion icon is Zendaya but you are not comfortable wearing high heels which she always rock. You could still make her your inspiration but instead of wearing heels, you could still wear the dresses she usually wears but with your trusty sneakers.

Be Yourself!

Last tip to follow but certainly not the least, be true to yourself! The best accessory you could wear every day to complement your OOTD is your confidence and smile. If you are comfortable with the clothes you wear, your OOTD would certainly be unique and you would stand out.

Looking good is parallel to feeling good so there is nothing wrong if you want to plan ahead on what to wear the next day because you want your OOTD to stand out.

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