How to Select a Wireless Charger for Your Phone?

So many people are using phones these days that it has become quite common to carry a charger when travelling. But when it comes to convenience, a wireless charger is the best solution you have when charging your phone at work, in the car, during the commute etc.

The first thing to remember when choosing a wireless charger is to check the compatibility of the charger with the phone. You can’t always assume that any charger will work with your phone as there are different charging speeds for the phones depending on the wattage of the charger. You can check the Core Colour website before you decide to purchase a charger as they will have noted which phones are compatible with the unit.

The charging speed is another important consideration. When you need to charge your phone in an emergency, speed is crucial. If you are using your charger in a hurry all the time, then it is best to select a wireless charger that comes with a high wattage. There are some phones that come with a maximum charging speed so sometimes even if you purchase a high wattage charger, your phone will not be able to charge fast.

There are wireless chargers of so many different designs

You can find these as a charging stand, charging mat, charging pad, a charging unit that can be mounted inside the car etc. You have to think about your requirements when choosing the right design. The simplest design is the charging pad. But if you want to use the phone when it is charging, a good option to consider will be a charging stand. If you have multiple devices that need to be charged, then you can purchase a charging mat. Think about what is most useful to you when selecting the design.

After you select the category of the design, then you can choose the aesthetics of the charger. You will mostly have a charger outside so it is good to select a design that is aesthetically pleasing enough to be displayed out. And with a wireless charger you don’t need to worry about so many cables going to it so it will have a clean appearance anyway. Check if the charger comes with a cable and adapter. In this case, you will need to have a long cable to ensure it reaches a power outlet.

There are different brands of wireless chargers and this is an item that you can find in so many different stores. Therefore, the quality of wireless chargers can have a wide range. When you select a reputed brand that may otherwise be a little bit more expensive than an unbranded charger, there is an assurance that the charger will be reliable to use.

But don’t just rely on the brand of the charger to make the decision. Go through online reviews for the chargers to see what people prefer more when it comes to durability, safety and reliability. Make sure to check whether there are any safety certifications for the charger as well.

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