Imitation Pakistani Jewellery Styles

As gold and silver prices are increasing non-stop, it is becoming harder for everyone to enjoy the luxury without having to empty their wallets. This is where imitation jewellery comes in handy. Imitation jewellery is the same style of jewellery made from a cheaper metal and gemstones. This makes it easier for them to enjoy the same jewellery at an affordable price. Here are some of the imitation jewellery items that are commonly worn in Pakistan.

#1 Fancy Bangles:

Most Pakistani women opt for heavy, fancy bangles when attending formal events like weddings, receptions, and other festive occasions. Some even choose to wear decorated bangles at formal gatherings and dinner. It helps them look elegant and stylish at the same time. Bangles have their way of making the arms of the wearer look slimmer and longer. The gorgeous, decorated bangles add up to the already fancy outfits. Not only that, when worn with simpler dresses, bangles balance the look without a hassle.

#2 Over-the-Top Jhumkay:

If Pakistani women could choose one jewellery item for the rest of their lives, it would be Jhumkay. From gatherings to parties, weddings to other celebratory events, they wear it almost everywhere. Let’s be real, why wouldn’t they love Jhumkay so much? They are all you need to add a perfect touch of tradition and class. They go perfect almost any hairstyle or outfit; for instance, Pakistani women wear it with both their hair up and down, with a Lehenga, or just a semi-formal Kurti. No matter the size, Pakistani women always seem to go for Jhumkay when it comes to looking elegant and stylish.

#3 Traditional Matha Patti:

One of the most commonly worn traditional Pakistani jewellery items at formal events is Matha Pattis. They are the ideal option for Mehndi brides who plan to achieve a combined elegant and fashionable look. Matha Pattis is seen adorning almost every other Pakistani bride, entirely with the formal bridal outfits. Pakistani women like to opt for Matha Pattis because they believe that it helps them show off their culture and tradition in a very sophisticated way. The thin ones are chosen for semi-formal events like attending someone else’s wedding or party, and the brides wear the thick, heavily decorated ones on their special day.

#4 Extravagant Rings:

Well, everybody wears rings when they want to complete the look with the perfect amount of jewellery. But Pakistan women are mostly into the chunkier looking and the extravagant rings. The massive, fancy rings covering up to three fingers are the ideal option for women who plan to attend a formal event. You will see most Pakistani women with more than one statement rings on their fingers.

We hope this easy guide helped you understand what kind of jewellery is worn in Pakistan. The Pakistani jewellery styles represent their traditional style and preferences that have been passed down for centuries, Try all of the affordable imitation jewellery out and choose the best ones for yourself now!


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