Is It Worth Buying A Coffee Pod Machine?

Although getting your flat white from a neighbourhood café has its advantages, it may also turn into a costly habit. Due to the global shortage of coffee beans and inflationary pressures, many cafés have been forced to increase their prices and some in major cities are now demanding about $5.50 for a large coffee.

A quality home coffee pod machine presents an increasingly alluring alternative for obtaining your daily caffeine fix, especially as more individuals strive to minimize costs or work from home more frequently.

You not only get to save time while making your coffee, but you can always serve fresh coffee. Again, this is fantastic for an office setting where staff can use coffee pods to save a ton of time while still being productive. You spend one minute making coffee with the best coffee pod machine, whereas a coffee brewing machine can take up to 5 minutes for a new batch. For employers, saving 4 minutes per employee every day is quite substantial.

Here are the main things to think about before beginning your at-home barista adventure, from cost to convenience to waste management. If you drink one cup of coffee a day, you might be paying upwards of $1500 a year given that a cup of coffee costs roughly $4 on average and as much as $5 or more in some regions (both regional and metro – it’s not just the cosmopolitan cafés demanding big money for their coffee). And if you occasionally sneak in one or two additional cups of coffee or buy a muffin, that number simply increases. Would it be better for you to use that money to buy your own coffee maker instead?

You’re adding to the one billion takeaway coffee cups that Australians discard each year unless you religiously use a BYO cup each time you visit a café. The decomposition of each cup takes thousands of years. Naturally, if you make coffee at home, you’ll probably use a mug or other reusable cup. If you use it every day, you’ll be keeping at least 365 takeout cups out of the trash each year. Even better, mix the coffee grounds with organic garden waste before adding them to your compost because they are too acidic on their own. If you use a mug every day, you are preventing at least 365 takeout cups from going to the landfill each year.

You don’t even need to put on appropriate clothing or leave the house just head to your kitchen and prepare a coffee! Additionally, if you work from home, it’s simpler to step outside and prepare a cup of coffee in between phone or video sessions. You can experiment with many various blends to find one you really love when you make your own coffee at home because you are not restricted to the brand of coffee served at your neighbourhood café. Additionally, you can prevent that awkward scenario in which your preferred barista is not scheduled to work and another employee serves a cup of coffee instead four or five dollars wasted!

The finest results can be obtained from coffee that has been specially ground for use in an espresso machine, whether by you or a barista (rather than a pre-ground coffee from the supermarket). The flavour and quality of your coffee will be closer to that of a barista-made beverage from a café if you use freshly ground beans while brewing it on an automatic, semiautomatic, or manual machine.

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