The Best Fabrics Used for Shirts

Shirts are one of the popular clothing in the modern society. One of the main reasons for this is that it being a unisex product. The most preferred form of clothing for any event or an occasion of a man is obviously a shirt. Shirts plays a great role in making men good look and smart. Because it is form of clothing which can be bought or designed as it perfectly fits for the individual.

So, by wearing a good fit shirt, it seems as the shirt was designed just for him. With the modernization the clothing industry has developed a lot and we can see different types of clothes from various designs in the market. Same thing applies for the shirts as well, there are many types of shirts manufactured using various types of fabrics.

Shirts manufactured from various fabrics have their own unique qualities as well. So, when buying a shirt it is also better to check out the fabric used and as we check out the sizes and prices. So, now we will go through the main fabrics used to manufacture shirts and get to know their own features as well.


The most common term we hear when it comes to shirts is ‘cotton’. Because the most common fabric used to manufacture men’s shirts is cotton. This fabric is also used for tees and other clothing as well. Few of the famous cotton fabrics are Egyptian, Sea Island and American Pima cotton.

Shirts manufactured from these are expensive, but they are high in quality and possess a smooth finish. Cotton shirt is a great addition for your wardrobe, because it suits for all weather types and any occasion as well. You could opt to buy RB Sellars work shirts online, if you are searching for a high-quality shirt.


Linen shirts are very popular among men in the modern society. Because it is a great fabric that provides much more comfort compared with cotton. Linen shirts are the best match for hot summer climates as it keeps you cool within and gives a classy look as well. Before buying a linen shirt, check out if it is totally linen, because there are shirts with both cotton and linen fabric mixed in the market as well.


Poplin can be stated as the most famous shirt fabric throughout the years. This fabric is used to manufacture smooth and cool shirts with a breathable feature in them. This particular fabric is also known for its softness and the elegant look it provides as well.

You could opt for formal shirts made up from poplin, because you could wear them anytime anywhere, as it is light and thin most of the times. So, poplin shirts are a good pick to wear for the hotter period of the year.

These are the main fabrics used for manufacturing shirts. There are few more fabrics such as twill, fennel, and oxford fabric as well. So, when you are about to buy a shirt, make sure to buy the type of fabric which suits you the best.

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