There are many clothing items to pack when going on a beach vacation and one essential is a beach cover up. This is a versatile clothing option that you can use when you are lounging at the beach. One or two cover ups will be sufficient as long as you pick colours that match your swimsuits.

You need to have a beach cover up to protect your skin from the sun. Too much sun exposure is not good for you. While SPF is a great way of protecting yourself, every little bit helps and clothing can block a lot of UV radiation as well. Sun exposure contributes to age spots, wrinkles and accelerates signs of ageing. And the worst outcome of sun exposure is skin cancer.

There are many clothing options you can use to reduce sun exposure but a cover up is a stylish garment that is very versatile serving you well in so many different scenarios. In addition to providing sun protection, a beach cover up can give you some coverage without having to walk to the beach in your swimwear. It is very easy to put on and remove when compared to other clothing choices.

When you are choosing a cover up, you have to consider what you are wearing it over. Go through the bikinis and swimwear that you are planning to wear to get an idea of their colours and patterns. You can use one cover up with multiple swimwear options as long as they complement the style of the swimwear. Choose something that has a complementary colour to the swimwear. You can also go with neutrals that will match anything you have in your closet.

Cover ups come in so many different styles so you have to choose something that fits your preferences and is comfortable to wear. Think about the amount of coverage you are going for. If you want a lot of coverage, kaftan will be a good fit. If you are looking for something that will fit any occasion, consider beach cover up dresses that are an outfit on their own. If you want to show some skin without having to cover up fully, you can look into cardigans, tunics and sarongs.        

You have to consider the type of material that the cover up is made of. Some are sheer and will give a glimpse of your swimwear. This can be a good option if you have decorative swimwear that will create a beautiful effect when seen through the cover up. Sheer materials will still give you some coverage while still allowing your swimwear to shine. You can also go for a material like crochet that can show a hint of your swimwear without being fully sheer.

Then there are fabrics that give full coverage. You have to consider the price for the cover up as well. If you only go to the beach a few times, a medium-priced cover-up will be sufficient as it will not be used frequently. You should also consider your body type when choosing a cover up so you highlight the features you want to accentuate and downplay certain other features.

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