Tips for Taking Care of Your Leather Belongings

Leather products are used in plenty whether it is a handbag, shoes, belts or even jackets. Leather is usually expensive due to its high quality and maintenance. However, if looked after right, leather products are a long-term investment that can be used over a long period of time.

The maintenance of them depends on the product itself and frequency of use. Leather is known for being a fussy material that can peel, fade or discolour if not taken care of properly. Therefore, to ensure proper maintenance of your leather investments here are a few tips that could come in handy.

Protect them from the beginning

The tag that reads ‘handle with care’ could not be more accurate when talking about leather products. Use a protection spray as soon as your purchase it so that it can be stored after. Before use to be sure to spray on an unseen part of the leather so that any reactions will not be noticed.

Constant caring is a must

If we don’t regularly use a leather product there is a good chance it is stashed away in the back of a closet or cupboard. This is the first chance it gets to peel or fade due to the moisture trapped in the closed space. Even if you don’t use it regularly use a cloth with cold water to wipe over the surface of it. This will ensure the material stays intact even if not used.

Use products designed for leather

There are many chemical based sprays and wipes that say it can be used to clean all surfaces. However, since leather is sensitive be sure to only use chemicals designed for it. Use greased leather care, a wax that is specialized for leather materials and can be used on all leather products. It locks in the moisture and adds shine especially for shoes and belts.

Remove stains as soon you see them

Leather handbags and jackets are prone to stains such as pen marks or dust. Likewise, shoes can be stained with mud. If the leather product is black you might be able to hide it, but if is a light-coloured product the stain can be very obvious. Wash over the stain with a wet cloth or use a chemical spray as soon as you notice a stain. Once you have cleaned over it make sure to let it completely air dry before storing away.

Don’t ever let your leather soak in water

Water is leather’s biggest enemy. This is especially important for shoes and jackets that are likely to get wet for rain or puddles. While the leather is not likely to peel after being doused in water once, avoid letting it happen regularly. Air-dry it fully before storing it.

Let the leather breathe

Have you ever taken out a leather jacket after a few months and noticed patches? This is due to cool moisture locked in. keep leather products in the sun over a few hours every once in a while, to avoid patchiness.

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