What to Look for When Buying Sunglasses?

Nothing beats wearing a stylish pair of sunnies. The right colour, shape and size can add to your confidence and appeal and say something about your individuality, much like any other accessory in your ensemble. However, don’t forget that besides being a style statement its key function is to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can sometimes cause irreversible eye damage. UV rays can cause a range of eye problems, including macular degeneration leading to loss of vision and cataracts. 

If you already suffer from some sort of vision impairment or are experiencing eye trouble, speak to your optometrist for a pair of prescription sunglasses. If you plan on purchasing non-prescription sunglasses, educate yourself on the various types of lenses available like polarised sunnies for example to make an informed decision.

Let’s look at some important characteristics to keep in mind when choosing a pair of sunglasses.

UV Protection

Sunniest that provides full protection against UV light is an absolute must. Without this protection, you are spending your money on an item that only serves as a fashion statement and not something that is meant to protect your eyes from regular and/or prolonged sun exposure. Check the label to see if it blocks 99-100% of all UVA and UVB rays. If your lens provides UV 400 protection, then so much the better. This means that your lenses protect your eyes from even the smallest UV rays.

Polarized Lenses

These lenses are a good option if you spend a lot of time driving or engaging in water sports as the lenses can reduce eye strain caused by the glare that is reflected off surfaces like the road or water. They do not however necessarily provide UV protection. When choosing Polaroid lenses, check the label to make sure your lens also protects you against UV rays. Polaroid lenses can ease eye strain and take away the need to squint under bright sunlight.

The Right Fit

It is important to have your sunglasses sit snugly over your eyes to give you the benefit of the protection it is meant to provide. Ill-fitting sunnies will not protect you as well as they should. You should feel no tightness or discomfort even when wearing your sunglasses for extended periods. Check for size printed as three consecutive numbers on the arm of the sunglasses to see if they correspond to a pair, you already have that fit well on you. If you plan to spend extended periods in the bright sun, and then choose a pair that gives you adequate coverage from the top of your sunnies as well – one that sits close to your eyebrows.

Choose the Right Lens Color

Lens color is not a fashion statement, although it can be, in addition to its main practical purpose. Choose to go with lenses that are grey or green as these colours minimise distortion of colours when driving, riding or skateboarding. Green also reduces glare. If you plan to wear them while skiing, opt for yellow or orange as these colors increase contrast.

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